Rachael Rennebeck

Successful Entrepreneur. The Voice of the North Hills.

Chief Board Co-Liaison – Finance
Board Liaison – Athletics & Activities
A.W. Beattie Career Center Appointed Member

Rachael Rennebeck was elected to the North Hills School District Board of Education in November 2019.

She earned her B.A. from the University of Pittsburgh with a focus in Journalism. She works in marketing, social media content management, and public relations, is a partner of Ya Jagoff Media, LLC., a Pittsburgh-centric multi-media company, is co-host of the #1 podcast in Pittsburgh and radio host on Q92.9, part of Steel City Media. 

She has been a resident of Ross Township for over 20 years.

Mrs. Rennebeck and her husband Wil have three children: Roman, a 2021 North Hills graduate, Domenic, a tenth grader at the high school, and Adeline, who is in eighth grade at the middle school.

Accomplishments/goals: As a member of the Joint Operating Committe at Beattie Tech,(JOC) it has been exciting watching the advertising and design students create useful and impactful campaigns that we have even implemented in our district.  My company plans to utilize the team for internships and to help create a new logo as well. 
Beattie Tech is not the only accomplishment I have earned throughout my four years. Athletics and activities have made strides in making leader and coaches pay more competitive as well.
Lastly,  while some find compromise to be something not finite, or a lost art, I take pride in listening, learning AND standing my ground to develop ways of cohesively coming to a resolution to community topics and needs. 

My goal is to continue collaborating and listening, working with the administration and teachers, community, as well as board members, to reach compromises that benefit the district.  
Most importantly, Improving education as a process with a focus on mental health needs is monumental.  Creating what the classroom and beyond looks like during these post-Covid days is key. How do the two intersect in a healthy and positive way that benefits all students?  That will take time and trial, and I am looking forward to contributing to the solution.