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Ross Township Democrats understand that off-cycle elections have the greatest impact on our daily lives. This year, critical county, local, school board, and judicial seats were open. We stood with Democratic candidates who ran for a more equitable justice system, safe communities, accessible health care, a clean environment, excellent public schools, and public spaces for all to enjoy. We are proud of each of our candidates and the volunteers who stood up for these values and put enormous amounts of time into campaigns across the township, school district, and county. The results speak for themselves.

Dan DeMarco Re-Elected Ward 1 Commissioner

Sarah Poweska Re-Elected Ward 3 Commissioner

Bill McKellar Re-Elected Ward 5 Commissioner

Pat Mullin Re-Elected Ward 7 Commissioner

One North Hills Democratic Slate Sweeps School Board Elections

Ross Township Democratic Committee Leadership

Steve Korbel


Sandra Kozera

Vice Chair

Sarah Poweska


Robin Sayers