Ashley Stephens

fostering innovation for excellence in education

At the beginning of each school year, Ashley tells her sons that it’s not only important that they do well, but that they also do good.

Raised by an art teacher and a businessman, she believes in the value of public education and the power of a strong work ethic. Combining those beliefs with a desire to innovate and serve others, Ashley has built a career in healthcare. As a telehealth executive, she has worked to mitigate physician shortages, make care available to patients nationwide, and expand access to critical cancer screenings. Prior to this role, she worked for the National Committee for Quality Assurance, an organization dedicated to measuring healthcare quality and improving outcomes. Additionally, she has worked with the Department of Health and Human Services, the American Diabetes Association, American Health Lawyers Association, American Heart Association, the Matthew Shepard Foundation, and the Alliance for Advanced BioMedical Engineering in varying capacities. 

Ashley believes that we must provide our children with a high-quality public education that inspires lifelong learning but that this needs to happen in a fiscally responsible manner. Elected officials are called to act as stewards of taxpayer dollars. She hopes to work in cooperation with the rest of the board to ensure all students find pathways to future success that draw on individual strengths, talents, and interests. Additionally, she feels that cultivating a culture of respect and cooperation across all disciplines is critical as the workforce becomes highly specialized, and we depend on each other’s skills to move forward. Her educational background, professional experience, and personal values drive her to build a safe and welcoming North Hills School District for all students, staff, administrators, and community members.

As a board member, she knows she can’t accomplish anything alone. Professionally, she frequently leads internal teams and teams built across multiple organizations toward a common goal. She is well-versed in establishing group consensus and yielding mutually beneficial outcomes within budgetary and regulatory constraints. 

Ashley is a 2002 graduate of Oil City Area Senior High. She earned her BA in International Affairs from The George Washington University and a Master of Public Policy and Management from the University of Pittsburgh. She is an advisory board member for the Center for Telehealth and eHealth Law, a member of the American Telemedicine Association, and a proud soccer coach to a hardworking team of young athletes. She and her husband Mike reside in Ross with their sons Patrick (14) and Max (8), both North Hills students, and rescue pups Tank (9, limited edition mutt) and Bear (1, Saint Bernard). In her spare time, Ashley enjoys working out, puttering around her garden, and playing overly complicated board games.